Tuesday, January 18, 2005

The Globe and Mail: Ottawa chided on approach to Kyoto

Well, the cat is already out of the bag on two counts for Kyoto. hmm - perhaps it was already, but now even the middle of the road Canadian who has accepted this bunk with glazed-over eyes might even begin to notice.

The Globe and Mail: Ottawa chided on approach to Kyoto

The first feline escape is that there is no way for Canada to meet its goal - without shutting down large parts of the economy that is. It's been obvious all along to those who gave it any thought. Canada:

1. Is a growing economy - with a growing population. (Unlike those European countries so seemingly intent on zero-growth, and high unemployment.)
2. Is a cold country - meaning we use energy to stay alive in winter.
3. Has efficient, world-scale, world-competitive process industries.

The Yanks and Aussies are also countries with growing popultations. Their governments were smart enough to figure this one out. Canada has signed up for something for PR purposes - and now we will be stuck with a huge bill. I say pull out now!

Feline escape number two is obvious from the comments of the cretins in the environmental industry. They are bemoaning that industry is to be 'let off the hook'.

It is clear that the objective of the environmental industry has never been to reduce global green house on a global basis, but rather to hamstring Canadian, US etc industries to the extent that it shuts down entirely.

Either that, or it escapes their very limited cognitive capabilities that in the event that costs here are raised to the extent that production is no longer competitive, a host of other countries are more than willing to take our raw materials (gas, coal, unfractionated NGLs) etc., and produce the energy, hydrocarbons, plastics, paper that final consumers will still need. In such an event, GHG gas emissions will rise as additional energy would be required to transport the commodties.


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